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Welcome to my portfolio. Here you see a selection of my work. Take a look at my projects to get a better understanding of what I do. Here I will show both game projects and environment projects i have worked on.

This page will be updated as soon as I have more stuff to show you.


Arkham detective is a horror/detective game made by Skelly boy studios. This game is currently under production so I will post more from this as it gets more complete.

The story of Ebbe is a short RPG game that I made for my second half year exams. This game is the second game I made as a solo developer. 

Ebbe cover image_edited.jpg
Do you even maze bro-.png

Do you even maze bro is a simple maze game.

This is the first game I ever made. 

I made it as a solo dev for my first half year exams.

On this page you can see other stuff that I have worked on

Ancient ruins.png
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